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Everything you need to run a more modern real estate & property management business. Super-charge your productivity. Take control of your portfolio, your business and your life with Hutstack.

Business Operations
All the features you need to work smarter, boost efficiency, and save time.
Portfolio Management

Manage all your portfolios on one single platform. Residential, commercial and community association portfolios are supported.

Centrally Managed

Hutstack ensures your data are centrally available, freeing you from the tediuos job of looking for data scattered across many apps.

Work Remotely

Because everything you need is in the cloud; the records, the documents, the agreements, the bills, etc. You can work from anywhere.


Staff can operate and have managed access and permissions to features and data thereby making collaboration a lot easier.

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Communication Hub
Everything you need to communicate and keep tab with owners, tenants, vendors and even your staff.

Send and track email (and SMS) to owners, tenants, leads and vendors all from the software. Know who/when an email is opened or clicked.

Contact Database

Centrally manage your contacts on Hutstack, a mini CRM tool to help you keep track of interactions with your customers.

Broadcast & Marketing

Broadcast bulk and customizable emails to a segment or all of your contacts. Also send marketing emails to your mailing list.

Automated Messages

Setup automated messages and reminders on rent, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. to your tenants or any onyour contact.

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Keep your finances under control with a well-thoughout property accounting software.
Property Accounting

Record and manage property finances down to per property unit, owner & even vendors. Manage bank accounts and gain financial insights.


Running reports with Hutstack is super-easy. You can run pre-made reports or create custom reports & extract the data in real-time.

Automate Book-Keeping

Keep your books up-to-date and well-structured, making it super-easy for you to track expenses and even for your accountant to perform audit


You can filter transactions by property, tenants, owners, and date to access insights and uncover trends that will increase transparency.

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Owner Portal
Reduce phone calls and emails by providing real-time access to financial reporting and status of property.
Real-time Updates

Grant Owners real-time access to property status, property data, maintenance updates and other property-related tasks you've made.

Financial Reports

Owners can access financial reports and create custom report on all inflows and outflows you've made on behalf of the property.

Streamline Communication

Send email to or copy Owner on maintenance request, rental application, inspection report, etc accessible from mobile portal.

Share Files

Owners can view and download uploaded receipts, agreements, and other important files, thereby increasing transparency.

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Tenant & Leasing
Attract and retain top tenants with superb customer experience powered with Hutstack cloud-based technologies.
Rent Management

Manage all of your rental listings, with detailed information accessible anywhere you are. View tenant info and access financial reports.

Tenant Portal

Provide tenants with mobile portal to manage maintenance requests, pay bills online, log complaints and access shared documents.

Property Marketing

Fill your vacant properties faster with mobile-optimized marketing website and syndicate to our partner portals in one-click.

Rental Application

Make it easier and faster for prospective tenants to apply for rent on your vacant or soon-to-be vacant property units.

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Maintenance tools that allow you to resolve issues faster and make cost-effective decisions.
Maintenance Request

Tenants can submit requests for maintenance repairs and provide detailed information and even photos on the requests.

Work Order

Create work orders linked to maintenance requests. Keep owners aware with copies of work orders via the Owner Portal.

Manage Vendors

Keep central database of your vendors and track each vendor's performance via detailed performance insights.

Task Management

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Document Storage
Store unlimited documents and easily share them with residents and owners
Store Documents

Store all your property documents including agreements, receipts, property photos, inspection reports, etc making them easier to find.

Organized Files

Each file uploaded can be organized into named folder. You can also work with your Google Drive storage directly from Hutstack.

Link Documents

Attach document to tenant profiles, owners, property units or to vendors. E.g., viewing a property also shows you all linked documents.

Share Files

Easily share documents with residents or rental owners when the need arises. Residents and owners can view shared documents from their portals too.

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property inspection software Property Inspection
Inspections allows you to plan, schedule and conduct inspections, all in the one place.

Schedule inspection date and time with tenants. Automatically send notices and reminders to tenants.

Mobile Inspection

Use the Hutstack Property Manager mobile app for iOS or Android to take photos and notes to aid in report.


Create inspection reports for your owners, complete with photos and comments.


Highlight follow up actions and rent reviews for your owner. Generate next inspection date and set reminders.

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community association software Community Association
Streamline the management of all your association operations.

Track budgets, vendor payments, association fees, and more with powerful reporting.


Keep homeowners, non-owner residents and board members easily in the loop.

Contact Database

Manage database of homeowners, residents and contractors. Share list of approved vendors with residents.

Maintenance Request

Manage work orders, assign them to vendors, and pay bills in just a few clicks

Resident Portal

Enable residents to view their payment history, status of maintenance request and shared documents.

Violations Tracking

Log, track and report on your homeowners’ violations easily, from anywhere.

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