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Cloud-based solution to help you better manage your real estate business more seamlessly, from anywhere!

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Properly Managed

Manage your residential and commercial properties from anywhere. Boost productivity with the foremost online property management software in Nigeria and Ghana.

property management software


Reliable software to help you manage operations and communicate with your clients, tenants and vendors anywhere, anytime.

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property management software


Automate rental reminders, track maintenance requests and service charges and provide online portal for tenants. Track all bills.

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property management software


Easily manage and track all homeowner, other resident, and executive members. Keep records up-to-date including financials.

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Powerful Features

Hutstack helps you run a more modern and efficient business through automation, easier access to all your data, centrally manage your properties, financials and more, from anywhere, anytime.

Accounting & Reporting

Securely manage all business expenses, property expenses and receipts.

Maintenance Management

Automate work orders, manage your vendors and easily follow-up on tasks.

Online Owner Portal

Provide easier access to detailed reports and documents via a mobile portal.

Document Storage

Securely share agreements and easily access important documents anywhere, anytime.

Marketing & Communication

Manage and message your contacts easily. Automate rent reminders and communication.

Professional Website

Create customizable website for your brand and projects, and post rental listings.

So Much Benefits

Have bird-eye view of your property management operations, save costs by eliminating paper work, reduce time waste on maintenance, easily communicate with your clients and tenants, manage vendors more efficiently and much more...

property management software benefits

Highly Cost-Effective

Get far better results per dollar in yearly administrative expenses by becoming more cost-effective with Hutstack Property Manager. Reduce or elimnate paper work, logistics, headcount, automate notices, etc to save time and money.

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property management software benefits

Work From Anywhere!

Upgrade your real estate business to the next level by enabling your team and yourself to work from anywhere, anytime. Empowering your team to be able to work remotely introduces more efficiency and productivity into your business.

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Better Control & Insights

Have better control and insight into your business performance. Easily control access to any portion of your business data and records. Never miss a rental payment or service-charge reminder. Follow-up easily with maintenance requests and communicate with Owners and tenants more seamlessly.

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Seamless Integrations

Connect your Hutstack easily with the leading apps you already use, so your business remains connected.

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property software with google drive
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