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7 Things You Can Do with Hutstack – Part I

by Oluseun Oloyede

Hutstack is a property management software that helps property managers better manage their property portfolios, relationship with tenants and property owners.

  • You can manage all your portfolios on one single platform. You able to easily know the status of each property. Residential, commercial and community association portfolios are supported
  • Hutstack property management software helps you better manage tenant’s details and outstanding payments.
  • Granular reports. With Hutstack, you can generate report for each tenant, property or property unit, property owner and bank account. The software generates financial reports that are specific to a property like income and expenses on a property for a specified period.
  • For a building project, you can easily track all expenses of the property including cost of acquisition or construction and also keep inventory records.
  • Help you track and record all maintenance expenses incurred on a particular property or by a tenant.
  • All service charge income or security deposit received can also be recorded and tracked.
  • You are able to generate and even share detailed Owner’s/Landlord’s Report for every Owner.

Technology is a great business enabler and a force multiplier. It enables you to be more efficient and productive. You are able to focus more on the tasks you are better able to handle like sales, negotiations, etc while the software powers your business and automate so many tasks for you.

If you are on the market for a good cloud-based software that meets the above benefits, Hutstack Property Manager is a great choice. Request for a free demo and start managing your property management business like a rock-star!

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